PUREPLUS stachyose

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scientific research has proved that conditions such as gastric ulcer, gastritus, colitis, constipation, bad breath etc all start from the reduced amount of  bifodobacteria content in the intestinal tract and this product contains E. coli which is of great benefit in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

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Stachyose health product is bifidus factor, it can increase the Bacillus bifidus at 40-103 times more than the body can usually under normal conditions. Stachyose is acid resistant, it can¡¯t be decomposed by digestive enzymes and will be transformative for conditions mentioned when in direct contact with the intestinal tract.

Content 65% Average content 75%

Biological effects: Stachyose will increase the probiotic activity effectively, then intestinal flora will be able to be contained within the intestines, form a thick protective film against bacteria and can stop the proliferation of toxins within the intestinal tract.

Chemical effects: Stachyose will stimulate probiotics to produce a large number of short chain fatty acids, it can reduce intestinal PH and EH, to assist in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and promote intestinal peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of pathogens and toxins, assisting in clearing of toxins.

Immunity effects: stachyose can decompose the immune factors such as: ----and------etc. these immune effects can encourage secretion of immunoglobulin (IGA). It significantly influences resistance to viruses, toxins and pathogens and subsequently it strengthens the autoimmunization system.

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